2015 Campers

Congratulations to the following students that have been chosen to participate in OCTET this year! Please be sure to return your consent forms before this Friday, May 1!!

Cynthia Feliciano – University High School

Gouthami Gadamsetty – Seminole High School

Connor Green – St. Cloud High School

Olivia Henke – Bishop Moore Catholic High School

Jack Hotaling – Bishop Moore Catholic High School

Siddharth Kumar – Seminole High School

Carter Liebman – Lyman High School

Patrick Lim – Seminole High School

Lindsay Martin – Seminole High School

Andrew Mathias – The Geneva School

Miraj Patel – Mainland High School

Jacob Paulette – Orangewood Christian School

Rachal Poling – Seabreeze High School

Benjamin Reynolds – The Geneva School

Caitlin Robison – Mainland High School

Lauren Schmidt – University High School

Tyler-Marie Sims – University High School

Karen Taylor – Winter Springs High School

Anupa Thirmiya – Seminole High School

Andrew Wehrendt – St. Cloud High School


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